Rewards Token Program

As part of your orthodontic treatment, it is your job to maintain your oral hygiene and take care of your braces. We will reward you for your efforts with tokens that may be redeemed for prizes throughout your treatment.

Tokens may be earned the following ways:

  • ONE token may be earned for having excellent oral hygiene along with no broken brackets or bands. Excellent hygiene means brushing and flossing with no plaque on the teeth and healthy, pink, non-inflamed gum tissues. No loose or broken brackets or appliance.

  • Hygiene is graded as follows:
    A-B-C-D-F (School grading system with an “A” being the very best, and so on.)

  • ONE token may be earned by wearing your Dr. Okunami & Dr. Sheldon T-shirt to your appointments.

  • TWO tokens may be earned by having a great report card from your dentist’s regular check-up visit along with a great oral hygiene report. Remember a good report means no cavities! Just ask us for one of our hygiene report cards for your dentist to complete.

  • TWO tokens may be earned by referring a friend and having them come in for their complimentary exam.

Rules of the game:

Tokens may only be earned at scheduled regular appointments, no emergency or walk-ins. Tokens are not given during retention after full or Phase II treatment. Tokens may be redeemed for prizes at any appointment. Prizes may change due to availability. Tokens are spent just like money; lost tokens will not be replaced.